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Year: 2003
Status: Completed
Total Episodes: 13
Description: For 1800 years the seven schools of Kantou have fought over supremacy of the land. Their students constantly fight each other in battles to prove their strength. Sonsaku Hakufu is a 17 year old girl that just transferred to Nanyou Academy, and at her arrival, finds herself fighting one of its top 4 fighters. But Sonsaku possesses a soulstone which contains the spirit of a great fighter, and she is not an easy match. When an order is issued to defeat Sonsaku, she finds herself in all out war against all of the schools top fighters. What lies behind this dark conspiracy?
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Ratings : 3.3 / 5 ,Total Rated: 86

Ikkitousen - Episode 9

Size : 156.58 MB
Duration: 24:28 min
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Ikkitousen - Episode 8

Size : 144.4 MB
Duration: 24:30 min

Ikkitousen - Episode 7

Size : 153.41 MB
Duration: 24:30 min

Ikkitousen - Episode 6

Size : 144.79 MB
Duration: 24:30 min

Ikkitousen - Episode 5

Size : 142.15 MB
Duration: 24:30 min

Ikkitousen - Episode 4

Size : 147.25 MB
Duration: 24:32 min

Ikkitousen - Episode 3

Size : 150.62 MB
Duration: 24:30 min


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